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We are singers of unaccompanied, 4-part barbershop harmony, one of many Sweet Adelines choruses throughout the world. This is a style of singing that is great fun but also requires practice and some discipline to maintain your part within the 4-part harmony. Women who sing with us share the joy of creating harmony while developing their confidence.

To join our chorus you do not need to read music or have a trained singing voice, but you must be able to sing in tune. We welcome singers who have the time, commitment, and musical skills, to "step up on the risers" with us and feel the sparkle that is Sweet Adelines. Pop into one of our rehearsals to see us in action - we love an audience!

Interested in coming along? For more information contact one of our
Membership Coordinators

Pam Wilson
454 4887;




Tuesdays 7.30-10.00 pm @ Andersons Bay Bowling Cub, 31 Bayfield Road.

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